Remittances from anywhere in the world.
Originex is a fast, affordable and secure way to send and receive remittances from anywhere in the world. Our fully hosted technology, online money transfer software and remittance ecosystem, quickly connects you with major Liquidator members in the industry, giving you the perfect environment to get your remittances done smoothly. Institutes and private liquidators are welcome to be a part of the Liquidity provider pool.


Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Bring new services to your customers or build your own global payment network by becoming a Liquidity Provider.

Improve Cash Flow

Move money around the world to your vendors, customers and employees on the world’s leading global network.

Anywhere, Anytime

The fastest way to reach your customers to send money via the most direct route to avoid delays, extra fees and drops.

Access to Wallet Services

Users can use their funds to buy loads, pay bills, send and receive remittances, payments and more.

Competitive Costs

We offer flexible settlement options and a competitive cost structure. Remittance cost are extremely low.

24/7 Support

Expert support from our team will quickly identify where the problem resides and bring it to a swift resolution.
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